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Strengthening gender-responsive climate policies and actions in the livestock sector

This policy brief was developed as part of a series of knowledge products under a Letter of Agreement between FAO and CGIAR Gender. CGIAR Gender was commissioned to write, copy edit and proofread. The graphic design will be carried out by an internal communications consultant. The knowledge products are commissioned by the Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism 149 project. This brief is one of 4 policy briefs targeting specific sub-areas of relevance within the gender and climate change nexus. It is intended to assist policymakers and negotiators. From a policy perspective, creating, funding, and implementing gender-responsive and -transformative policies, regulations, and institutions are crucial to address gender inequalities and advance women’s empowerment in the context of a changing climate.

This brief is to highlight innovative research and promising approaches, particularly from countries participating in the FMM149 Programme –Uganda, Senegal, and Zambia – where localized research and local actions on specific climate, agriculture, and gender dimensions have been conducted. In highlighting research innovations and local actions, this brief aims to inform policymakers in supporting gender-responsive investments, policies, and strategies in their countries’ work in response to climate change. these research insights and promising approaches, this brief provides key recommendations and guidance for strengthening gender-responsive climate policies and actions in climate-smart agriculture (CSA).