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Parasitism and Parasitic Control in Animals

Parasitism and Parasitic Control in Animals brings together all the details needed to appropriately manage parasites in domestic animals. It provides comprehensive coverage of parasites and factors affecting their transmission, principles of parasite control, diagnosis, and assessment of parasitological information.

Beginning with an overview of the fundamentals of parasitism including a review of the parasites of zoonotic importance, the text then:

Covers a range of methods for effective parasite control, including chemotherapy, nutrition, pasture management, selective breeding, vaccination and more;Considers drug resistance and parasitic infections;Includes cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, poultry, pigs and fish, as well as wild animals in the context of intermediate hosts, vectors or as reservoirs of infection.
With numerous new case histories and maps showing the spread of anthelmintic resistance, this textbook forms an essential guide for veterinary practitioners, students and technicians. It is also an invaluable resource for parasitologists, researchers, animal health professionals and anyone working with these parasites in developing countries.