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Online Training: International Training Program on Agri-Produce Marketing Models and Plan for Farmer Producer Organizations in Post Covid Context

International Training Programme on
Agri-produce Marketing Models and Plan for Farmer Producer Organizations in Post Covid Context
24th-31st March 2021

1 s t W e e k  ( 2 4 t h t o 2 7 t h M a r c h 2 0 2 1 ) 4 D A Y S

  • Concept and approaches of Agri-produce marketing
  • Framework and models of Agri-produce marketing
  • Emerging models of Agri-produce marketing
  • Design of Agri-produce marketing models
  • Tools and techniques of Agri-produce marketing plan

2 n d W e e k ( 3 0 t h t o 3 1 s t M a r c h 2 0 2 1 2 D A Y S

  • Exercise on Agri-produce marketing model development
  • Exercise and presentation of Agri-produce marketing plan
  • Action planning


The course will be offered free to the participants who will be nominated by IFAD Projects in Asia Pacific Region. All other participants need to pay USD 150 per participant for attending the training program. The Indian participants need to pay Rs.10,000/- per participant including GST.
The details for the fee payment are available on
ILRT website