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Newsletter (July 2020) – Tropical Agricultural Platform (TAP)

Newsletter (July 2020)
Tropical Agricultural Platform (TAP)

e-Discussion with the TAP CDEG on the revision of the TAP Common Framework
The TAP Secretariat is planning to organize the first TAP Capacity Development Expert Group (CDEG) e-discussion for the revision of the TAP Common Framework. The e-discussion will be based on the inputs from the Transversal Analysis of the Capacity Development for Agricultural  Innovation Systems (CDAIS) project and experiences of TAP Partners on the application of the  TAP Common Framework (CF) and its approaches. The e-discussion will be launched in September until October and will be organized along different weekly topics to be discussed by the  experts. At the end of the discussion a summary report will be produced with recommendations and priorities for the revision and amendments of TAP CF and its associated tools and the  pathways for scaling up its use.