RREOs-Share Series | Meeting 2-Knowledge management and communication-Innovative Approaches

In the framework of the EU-funded TAP-AIS project, FAO’s OƯice of Innovation (OIN) in partnership with the regional research and extension organizations (RREOs) in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are organizing this “RREOs-Share Event Series” to foster knowledge sharing and strengthen collaboration between the RREOs.

This second event in the RREOs-Share series aims to highlight eƯective practices in knowledge management and communication, with an emphasis on innovative approaches to collecting, processing and sharing information and knowledge with the “right” audiences. In this case, the “right” audience depends on the context, but for most RREOs will range from farmers to agribusinesses, development partners and policymakers – understanding and adapting to audience is key to eƯective communication.

This RREOs-share event will highlight three innovative cases from three diƯerent regions that are all diƯerent but represent creative and unique approaches to knowledge management and communication for agrifood development.