Joint Call on Good Practices for Strengthening Agriculture Innovation Systems in Asia -Pacific

Call on Good Practices

This is a joint call by APIRAS and APAARI for good practices with the aim of documenting and sharing institutional innovations in agri-food research, extension and education. There is a growing recognition of the importance of institutional innovations in promoting more efficient and productive collaboration and knowledge flow among different actors in the AIS.


The Asia-Pacific Islands Rural Advisory Services Network (APIRAS) and the Asia Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) in close collaboration with the Office of Innovation (OIN) at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations are committed to strengthening agriculture innovation systems (AIS) in the Asia-Pacific for the sustainable transformation of agrifood systems. The tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) hosted by FAO has developed approaches and tools to strengthen innovation capacities in the agri-food sector. As part of the TAP-AIS project funded by the European Union, TAP and its partners aim to strengthen capacities in regional research and extension organizations in order to integrate TAP tools and approaches in their work programmes. This will promote innovation processes at the country level and facilitate and strengthen collaboration and synergies between research and extension organizations at regional and national levels. Despite encouraging signs that AIS approaches are being more widely integrated into national innovation policies and programmes, their successful adoption remains a challenge together with limited documentation and evidence of existing successful practices.