GUIDANCE NOTE- Customization of NELK Module “Facilitation for Development” in Bangladesh AESA and BAEN (April 2021)

In early 2020, GFRAS provided support to the Agricultural Extension in South Asia (AESA) Network and the Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Network (BAEN) in order to customize one of the NELK Modules in the context of Bangladesh. The BAEN Executive Committee selected the GFRAS NELK Module 7 on ‘Facilitation for Development’ for customization. AESA and BAEN jointly implemented the development of the customized module for Bangladesh. The process of customization consisted of five phases spread over a span of six months. These were: pre-preparation, introduction to the NELK module, development of customized module, validation, and finalisation. We developed this guidance note to share our experiences with customising this NELK Module to the Bangladeshi context so that it will inspire and inform others who are keen on customising the varied NELK modules to specific countries.



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  • “I congratulate you and Nimisha Mittal for coming out with a process on customizing one of the selected NELK modules – facilitation for development. It is good to note that a small country like Bangladesh has done a very good exercise on customizing this module to suit its situation, despite COVID 19 limitations. It is unfortunate that we could not do anything of this nature in India although we have several institutions which are involved in the development of small farmers. I wish to know if a similar exercise we wish to do in India (one state) for example on one of the modules – Farmer organization development, how much it costs”

  • Dear Sir, we spent 14,000 USD (less than 10 lakh Indian Rupees) for the whole exercise and this included the cost towards travel and subsistence of the participants of the two workshops, professional fee of the consultant hired to support customisation, the logistics, editing and layout of the customised module and time of AESA and BAEN staff involved.