GFRAS Update – May 2021

In this edition of the GFRAS Update
We are happy to share the first teaser of its upcoming New Extensionist Learning Kit module on “Integrated Pest Management”, developed in partnership with Crop Life International. Also on this edition: A new series, on GFRAS’ Impact Stories illustrating some of the different ways in which GFRAS adds value to the work of local actors; GIZ Challenge 2021 – Advisory for Agroecology: how to participate; Register now for the GFRAS webinar on “Agroecology & Extension”; Some NELK modules now also available in Spanish; How to register for IALB and EUFRAS’ conference on “Life and Agriculture in Transition”; Nutrition Special: “Including Men in Nutrition” as a GGP Note and a special showcase of the NELK Module on “Nutrition-Sensitive Extension”; Showcasing Country Fora: Get to know KeFAAS – The Kenya Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services; Welcoming GFRAS and YPARD’s new team members;

And more! We hope you enjoy this edition of the GFRAS Update!