26th European Seminar on Extension & Education- 10-13 July 2023, Toulouse, France

26th European Seminar on Extension & Education – Toulouse – 10-13 July 2023

The European Seminar on Extension & Education (ESEE) is a biennial conference about agricultural advice and education. It has gathered scholars advisors and educators since 1973. Click here to learn about past conferences organised in Ireland (2021) and Italy (2019).

It aims at supporting discussion between science and practice. Hence, it is open to a diversity of contributions, both academic and practical. ESEE gathers and contrast experiences and findings from all European countries, but also between Europe and other contexts in the global North and global South. The seminar has lead to the publication of several special issues in the Journal of Agricultural Extension and Education and other academic publications.

The 2023 conference will be organised in Toulouse. It will focus on the convergences and divergences between sustainability transitions and the new patterns of advice and education.