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Journal of Extension (April 2020) Volume 58 // Number 2

As is uttered daily now, these are unprecedented times. We exist in the midst of a pandemic, and Extension professionals across the country have refocused priorities to provide relevant information, answer questions, address needs, and soothe concerned minds. As suggested by the authors of this issue’s lead Tools of the Trade article, “during these unprecedented times, Cooperative Extension has a unique responsibility to push forward and continue to serve the people.” Additionally, roles played by Extension professionals in normal times—forging pathways toward improved public health, enabling the effectiveness of food systems, building economic strength and community resilience, fostering sustainable use of natural resources, and instilling in young people confidence, compassion, and the desire to contribute to one’s world—are no less important during a crisis. In fact, they lay a foundation for being better able to handle one. Speaking as the editor of JOE, I am more pleased than ever to be part of a forum that allows you to share information with one another for the purpose of better serving millions of U.S. residents. Speaking as one of those residents, I thank you all.