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Innovative Agri-Solutions during Covid-19

COVID-19 pandemic challenged many assumption of the modern life throughout the world. The economy of major countries has by and large come to the grinding halt. However, the conditions in highly populous country like India, where about 1350 million people have to be supported with food, awareness and necessary equipments are more challenging than the developed nations. During this challenging time we can’t expect any outside support and we have to manage feeding of our people only at our own.

The challenge became still tougher as the lockdown resulted in shortage of farm labour on one hand and disruption of marketing channels at the end of consumers. Perishables like poultry, dairy, fruit and vegetables started perishing and this resulted into destruction of a lot of food which otherwise could have been consumed by the people of India. Such trend couldn’t be let continue as our national food reserves can feed 1350 million people only for few months.