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Energising Networks Tools for Co-Creation

Society is going through a transition period that is at least as profound as the Enlightenment at the end of the 18th century. It is a transition that makes people look differently at each other and at the world. In the terminology of Otto Scharmer, ego-consciousness is being replaced by eco-consciousness: people will understand that their faith depends on one another and on the eco-systems they are part of. This will not occur without a whole lot of trouble; but it will happen. This book by Eelke Wielinga and Sjoerd Robijn is an inspirational contribution to understanding what is going on. Firstly, because their vision on networks as living organisms, and the energy people experience when they are part of such networks, is explained in a clear and scientific way. Secondly, because the authors have developed a methodology to navigate on this energy in everyday practice. The wingspan of the big story and the concrete application in what you experience in your own practice is what makes this book extraordinary. I recommend this book to anyone who makes efforts to make a world that can be handed over with confidence to future generations. Prof. Herman Wijffels former CEO RABO Bank and Dutch representative on the World Bank management board.