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Asia Agri-Tech Challenge 2020: Enhancing the resilience of agricultural value chains & market systems through ICT based applications

Enhancing the resilience of agricultural value chains & market systems through ICT based applications
Open for submission from 15 Nov 2020 to 15 Jan 2021

COVID 19 has disrupted lives and living. The world as we knew it may not exist anymore. The measures taken to contain the spread of the virus have put stress on the functioning of agricultural value chains and entire food systems, endangering food security.

Can ICT solutions contribute to enhance the resilience of agricultural value chains and markets in a post-Covid era?

This call challenges private sector, academia and development organisations to come up with concrete and practical examples on how ICT solutions can support the development of resilient post-Covid agricultural value chains/market systems that are fairer and more inclusive.

The ASIA AGRI-TECH CHALLENGE powered by the VCB-N wants to trigger innovation in the use of ICT along the value chains and provide successful innovations in their prototyping / testing phase a platform to showcase their products. The challenge functions at the same time as a matchmaking event between developers and providers of innovative ICT solutions and chain actors or supporters looking for ways to improve the chain functioning and making it more resilient and future-proof.