Nepal Agriculture Extension Association (NAEA)
Nepal Agriculture Extension Association (NAEA) is a profession society of agricultural extensionists involved in different agricultural extension service. It emerged as an association in 1990. The association crossed its twelve years journey with some successes and failures. The start of twenty first century directed the association to move refined vision and revitalized mission to take the responsibility of the new millennium. Hence the association’s constitution was rewritten in 2002 and NAEA was reorganized accordingly..

Agricultural Extension in Nepal-Overview

This link provides an overview of Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services in Nepal

Ministry of Agricultural Development  

It is the central apex body of Government of Nepal to look after the agriculture and allied fields.

Department of Agriculture/Directorate of Agricultural Extension

The broad objective of this department has been to support and help achieve food security and poverty alleviation by the transformation of agriculture through diversification and commercialization.

Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) 

NARC co-ordinates agricultural research in Nepal by conducting studies and researches on different aspects of agriculture, finding solutions to problems in agriculture and assisting government in formulation of agricultural policies and strategies.

National Agricultural Research and Development Fund

National Agricultural Research and Development Fund (NARDF) is Responsible to carry out the applied researches. It supports the Government, non-government, educational, private sector, civil society, cooperatives and community based organizations to conduct agricultural research and development works.

Agro enterprise centre Federation of Nepalese chambers of commerce and industry

Agro Enterprise Center (AEC), the agricultural wing of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and industry (FNCCI) re-present the private sector agribusiness community in the development of agriculture and agribusiness in Nepal. It also support the expansion and strengthening of market oriented private sector driven agro enterprises.

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Improving food and nutrition security through efficient and effective extension and advisory services.


Sharing, learning and networking for building effective and efficient extension and advisory services.


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